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All Blogs Go to Heaven

The first project we were assigned was the Personal Narrative project. It was an interesting project because I realized how little my family takes group pictures. I learned how to used iMovie better and efficiently because I am used to using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I learned how to organize my photos and videos in a way that can be easily transferred to my content over. I always knew the importance of traveling in my life, but this project allowed me to develop a deeper love and appreciation for it.

"When life got busy and my desire for travel increased, I had to understand how different cities operated and how to get from point A to point B." Kiersten Cusick

I learned how to use the Wix website builder throughout this project.

The second project we were assigned was the Sense of Place. This project was irritating for me at first because I felt like it was super invasive. I got over myself then realized I could choose a place everyone frequents and talk about my experience.

"Fitness has always been important to me, and I'd love for everyone to develop a healthy lifestyle," Kiersten Cusick

The Kennesaw State University Rec Center has a bunch of group fitness classes available. I learned how to use iMovie better and continued my learning of Wix.

The Podcast Review was a project assigned. I learned how to use tools to clip podcast parts to include on my website. I struggled with this one because the Wix server kept crashing and not saving my changes. It took me a while to figure out how to get the podcast uploaded on my website.

I learned about podcasts and that they are boring.

The Community Engagement Project was assigned in addition to our Podcast Project.

I knew how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and I would have enjoyed to help with the video, but circumstances did not allow. I learned how to work with difficult people and non communicative people.

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