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Final Cut: independent Travels for a confident woman

This story is a journey about the independence and confidence I have developed through traveling. My family helped develop my love for traveling from childhood. When life got busy and my desire for travel increased, I had to understand how different cities operated and how to get from point A to point B. I started to travel by myself or with friends, but I was designated as the leader. Through my travel journeys, I have developed an even deeper understanding of different cultures and countries. 


My process was storyboarding all of my adventures together. I organized my images and videos together in one album and added some filters to a few videos and images. I used iMovie to include begin my project. First, I imported a bunch of the media I have together. Next, I recorded my voiceover for the movie then I pulled the videos and images to coordinate with the voice recording. I added a royalty free song I found on, and I lowered the volume so it would not distract from my speech. I went over my video multiple times, and I exported it.

Some feedback I received from my peers is that my tone of voice was uplifting and very exciting, and my voiceover delivers a very powerful message on self expression and personal growth. My peers liked the message about growing as a person by not staying in the same place, and the videos of the different places made the video unique to me. A peer also loved my outlook on new adventure of change, and the meaning behind my story. Helping my family through my travels showed one of my peers growth and prosperity. 

I discovered that I have a great professional/commercial voice. The original photos and videos helped evoke strong emotion in many of my peers. 
Many of my peers felt like they were on my journeys with me. It was relatable to my peers who travel, and a few peers enjoyed the advice aspect of the video. The pictures I included show the many experiences I have had. The meaningful images I chose motivated a few of my peers to travel and create new life goals, and that is amazing to me because that is exactly what I want to do through my pictures and videos. 

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