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Exploratory Path-Impact on Brain

Developing a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for people. Many people, especially students do not know where to begin regarding the proper foods to eat for specific results. Some people desire to gain muscle and strength, but other students want to develop lean muscle and improve their cardio and endurance levels. Kennesaw State University’s Recreational Center offers insightful guidance on workouts and nutritional help for students. The fact that the people giving the guidance are students relieves stress and possible embarrassment some students seeking help may face. The Kennesaw State University Recreational Center can also show students proper techniques for equipment usage through demonstrations from an OwlFit trainer or Group Fitness Classes. A majority of students begin their fitness journeys by attending a Group Fitness Class with their friends or independently. After students attend a Group Fitness class and understand the layout of the Recreational Center, they tend to become comfortable in the environment. Little by little, students attend the Recreational Center on campus in between classes or to take a study break. Working out actually improves the brain’s health which is a positive for students facing stress from school work, tests, and dreaded group projects. When people workout, they are stimulating the connections in their brain, facilitating information processing, and developing memory functions. Increased heart rate from working out pumps more oxygen to the brain, and releases hormones from the body which aids in the growth and development of brain cells. Stress hormones drop from working out, and this is why it is great for students to workout consistently throughout the school semester. Students who tend to switch up their workouts to trick their mental and physical health tend to see more results with their physical fitness goals because their body is constantly confused and working out. Their bodies also do not have time to plateau which allows them to constantly see results. Combining different mental and physical exercises is considered the “Golden Duo”. The Golden Duo increases cognitive functions, so students are sharper minded. Coordination, Rhythm, and Strategy are three different parts of the brain that are incredibly beneficial to workout because people’s brains tend to process information better if the brain becomes stronger. Fitness goals are a great item for people, especially students to create for themselves because it creates motivation and teaches time management skills. When people are creating fitness goals, it is important to start small, so people can work their way up to larger ones. Fitness goals go great in students planners and on sticky notes throughout dorms and apartments. These goals allow students to balance their academics, social, and healthy lifestyles all in one. Most of the time students are not sure what to do with the knowledge they have learned from group fitness classes or personal trainers. Some people turn their fitness journeys into motivation for other people, or they become trainers themselves to help other people reach their goals. Students are impacted in so many ways at the Kennesaw State University Recreational Center, and a positive mental and physical health opens unlimited opportunities for people.

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