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Get Rec'ed at kennesaw State university


If you have always enjoyed improving your physical and mental health,  The Kennesaw State University Recreational Center is a great place to visit during your time as a student here. You will be able to reach your fitness goals while understanding why certain classes can either aid in strength training or develop lean muscle. 

There are different fitness classes offered in addition to multiple activities, a weightroom, and cardio equipment.


The Group Fitness Classes offered at the Kennesaw State University Rec Center are a great way for students to meet people with similar fitness goals and a desire to learn new workouts. The instructors of the Group Fitness Classes are students at Kennesaw State University, and they are always so friendly and educated on the classes they teach. 

If you are interested in becoming a fitness instructor, there is more information thorough the instructor link.

Many times fitness instructors teach multiple classes. Students tend to attend one group fitness class and develop a bond with the instructor resulting in the students going to the other fitness classes the instructors teach.  This is beneficial for both students and instructors because students improve their time management skills and instructors gain regular attendees of their fitness classes. 

If you want tips to improve your time management skills, click here.



Apple Watches are used often for tracking physical health progress. Almost every student uses an Apple Watch of Fitbit of sorts. Fitness Applications are now used by almost everyone at the Kennesaw State Recreational Center to track steps, heart rate, and meals. A healthy fitness goal many people set their Apple Watches to is 10,000 steps daily. 

For a overview of a fitness application on the Apple Watch watch this video.



Developing a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for people. Many people, especially students do not know where to begin regarding the proper foods to eat for specific results. Some people desire to gain muscle and strength, but other students want to develop lean muscle and improve their cardio and endurance levels. Kennesaw State University’s Recreational Center offers insightful guidance on workouts and nutritional help for students.

Working out actually improves the brain’s health which is a positive for students facing stress from school work, tests, and dreaded group projects.

join this virtual journey through the rec center with me

The video journey of the Kennesaw State University Recreational Center I used is depicted by the personal videos I took attending group fitness classes. I incorporated pictures and videos because I wanted to show the different views. The personal videos with filters I included demonstrate the fun and excitement the Kennesaw State University Rec Center offers. 

I chose to complete this project and video from a personal perspective because the Rec Center had such a positive impact on my physical and mental health. I wanted to emphasize the importance and opportunities the Rec Center offers. 

I chose to focus on OwlFit, Fitness Applications, and healthy food options and impacts on brain of fitness. 

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