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Slow Down Your Dog!!

We alllll have witnessed our dogs eat their meals like they have never been fed...It is so dramatic.

Dot began to worry me because she started puking from eating so quickly. Before I thought to buy a slow feeding bowl for her, I was using a muffin pan because one of my


friends posted about it on Instagram haha.

After trying this a few times, I realized I needed to buy Dot a slow feeding bowl. It was not something that had high precedent in my mind at first since I thought that I could keep using a muffin pan the whole time...I'm a mess.

Thankfully my mom ordered a cute purple slow feeding bowl from Chewy!!

I did not realize how much this specific bowl would help Dot until she was able to process and digest everything without puking. (That was also a plus for me because as much as I love cleaning up puke, it was getting old.) Dot was SO MAD at first because she didn't understand why she couldn't down her food like the old days. Eventually she figured the bowl out, and she now paces herself with food...I mean she doesn't really have a choice but still.

Here are some links to slow feeder bowls in case you want to slow down your pup while they eat...

If you're curious what Dot's diet is like you can check out my blog post on it :)

I hope you & your pups have an amazing day!!



*affiliate links from Chewy used in this post*

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