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Exploratory Path-OwlFit

The Kennesaw State University Recreational Center offers a variety of group fitness classes for students. When students arrive to the Recreational Center, they need to have their Talon Card or a form of identification, so they can enter the facility. The classes range from zumba to hiit yoga. Their mission is to help support the development of Kennesaw State University students' physical and mental health goals. Through inclusive, advanced, and comprehensive activities, classes, services Kennesaw State University Recreational Center can offer students different ways to develop a healthy lifestyle. The staff values integrity, leadership, teamwork, and health. The Recreational Center offers group fitness classes through the OwlFit program. OwlFit offers Group Fitness Classes. The Group Fitness Classes have different formats that focus on: Mind & Body, Strength & Conditioning, Cardio and Functional. These aid students in discovering which workouts they enjoy and are in the process of improving. I discovered all of the group fitness classes my freshman year at a Zumba class, and I began attending the other ones to try them out. Through the trials of the different group fitness classes offered, I was able to discover what specific workouts I enjoyed (more cardio and endurance), and I learned that I did not enjoy strength training. Personal Training is another option that OwlFit offers at the Kennesaw State University Recreational Center. The Personal Trainers at the Recreational Center create programs that fit students desired fitness goals and workouts to accompany. The prices of personal training vary dependent of the needs/wants of the student. Small Group Training fitness classes vary each semester, but they allow for students to intensely focus on a specific format of workout. The smaller classes create a more personal environment where the instructors develop a deeper relationship with the attendees. The Special Events at the Kennesaw State University Recreational Center motivate students on campus to create and stick to fitness goals, so they can participate in events that increase socialization and physical fitness. These events vary throughout the school year. The events are also a great opportunity for students to step out of their comfort zone and meet new people with similar fitness goals. The Kennesaw State University Recreational Center allows fitness levels and leadership capabilities to improve, and it encourages socialization. Professional Fitness Development are workshop and training opportunities for Kennesaw State University students who are interested in teaching Group Fitness, Personal Training, or developing a knowledge on classes and equipment. The Kennesaw State University Recreational Center partners with different fitness groups like YogaFit, TRX, and Schwinn. Through these partnerships, the Recreational Center creates diverse fitness and training opportunities. These learning opportunities have allowed instructors to discover new passions and career paths throughout college. The OwlFit instructors are students at Kennesaw State University, and they are knowledgeable on the correct techniques and how to properly use the equipment. This is important because incorrect techniques and improper use of equipment can create serious injury. Kennesaw State University offers many more opportunities outside of OwlFit, and students can develop incredible skills while living healthy lifestyles.

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