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Exploratory Path-Fitness Applications

Fitness Applications are now used by almost everyone at the Kennesaw State Recreational Center to track steps, heart rate, and meals. A healthy fitness goal many people set their Apple Watches to is 10,000 steps daily. The Apple Health and Fitbit applications are used and monitored by almost everybody on their phones.

The Nike Training Application for iPhone and Android contains workouts at different fitness levels to encourage people to begin and continue their fitness journey. The App also contains tips on nutrition, workouts, mindset, recovery and sleep from Nike’s Performance Council. Workouts on the Nike Training Club App can be chosen based upon the muscle a person wants to target or workout types. The guidance section of the Nike Training Club Application is helpful for people who are beginning fitness journeys because they can make sure to do the workouts correctly with the proper form to ensure results. The nutrition section helps people learn to make simple meals that aid their workout and healthy lifestyle. It also contains the ingredients needed for healthy grocery shopping. This element of the application allows for people to have more motivation to workout because a big stresser of living a healthy lifestyle is meal prepping and making the right foods. Meditations are also included in the Nike Training Club Application, so people can focus on bettering their mental and physical health.

The Dicks Sporting Goods Application is not just a shopping app. It connects to the Apple Health application, Garmin, Fitbit, and MapMyRun on iPhones and Androids, and the Dicks Sporting Goods Application rewards people for walking 3 miles a day by adding 3 rewards points to the account. When people reach 150 points, they receive $15 off a purchase. This application is a great way to entice people to live a healthier lifestyle by encouraging movement and rewarding them to buy new workout apparel.

Fitbit is an accessory that most people who live a healthy lifestyle possess. Fitbits are watches or clip on accessories that track movement, steps, and heart rate. They come in different sizes depending on what type of watch and needs a person desires. The Fitbit Application connects to a person’s phone via bluetooth and transfers the data contained in the application. The data collected on the Fitbit Application tracks all day activities including steps, calories, and distance moved. It also tracks sleep, so a person can monitor their sleep patterns. For many people, tracking sleep is beneficial because they can make adjustments as needed to their lifestyles. There are different options included in the application that allow people to enhance their outdoor hikes/runs. There is also an exercise calendar and sharing capability within the Fitbit Application that allows a person to share their exercise patterns and habits with other people. People can view how their fitness activity impacts their overall daily health. On the Fitbit Application people are able to receive notifications, challenge friends and family, earn badges, and stay connected to cheer each other on. The weight and nutrition gives people guidance and tools to stay on track for nutrition and weight goals. The sharing aspect of these applications encourages group fitness and healthy competition between friends.

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