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Story Ideas

Measuring tape

A measuring tape has many stories to tell. The story I would tell would be my use of this measuring tape throughout my modeling career. There are certain sizes I have had to be my whole life, and obstacles I have had to overcome. This story could show my struggles and habits from the past to now.

Magazines and portrait

This image displays my love for fashion trends over the years. The story I will tell is what is used to be and what it is now. The image contains multiple issues of Vogue Magazine and a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. I will discuss how fashion has impacted my life. I also think it is important to discuss the fashion industry and how it is changing.

My brother at after a football game

This is my brother after a football game. The story I would tell is his daily story with school and football. The challenges and how he handles them. I would also tell the story of how football has positively impacted his life, and my brother's daily habits impacting my life. He uses football as a stress relief, so it is important to show the cycles of how he balances it.

Kiersten at Abbey Road Studios

This is an image of myself from Abbey Road Studios. The story I would tell from this image would be how I am working hard to be a successful business woman in the entertainment industry. People do not realize the obstacles we overcome daily that have become apart of our daily routines. I would discuss how much effort I put into understanding the business fully and the steps I have taken to get to where I want to be. This story is important because women become discouraged from the work required.

Kiersten at the Empire State Building

The story I will tell from this image would be the importance of independently traveling. People are incredibly dependent on other people when it comes to traveling. The story I would tell would inform people how to travel while feeling comfortable. When people travel independently it creates a higher sense of freedom. This feeling allows people to succeed in life in different ways.

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