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Sense of Place Brainstorm


1. The Atlanta Botanical

2. The Rec Center

3. The Georgia Aquarium

4. The Atlanta Beltline

5. London

1. Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is in the heart of Atlanta. It is a gorgeous display of plant collections to educate, research, conserve, and enjoy the plants. Themed gardens are created every few months. There is an Alice in Wonderland Exhibit Garden through the month of October. It is important to me because I think the creation and execution of these gardens are wonderful and miraculous to explore.

2. Rec Center Workout Classes

The Kennesaw Rec Center has workout classes that are offered every day at different times. It is located on campus, and the rec center offers many options for whichever workout people prefer. It is important to me because good physical health is something I try to maintain even if it is a quick workout class.

3. The Atlanta Beltline

The Atlanta Beltline is located in Midtown. It is great because it connects so much of the city to other parts. There are different types of activities to do along the beltline such as eat, drink, and walk. It is important because the connection between the different parts of the city allow for more involved people.

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