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Observations & Inferences

These two bikes hang in the cycle classroom. There are a few more bikes placed throughout the classroom, but halfway through this specific CoreBike class, we complete an abs circuit. This is the view for the students participating in the class. It is an interesting image because many people forget that strengthening your abs leads to more powerful bike strides.

This stand is a great representation of Kennesaw State University Recreational Center staff members trying to get more students involved in classes. The have offered an incentive for an allotted amount of time to bring more attendees to classes. Many times the students end up loving the classes. There are different types of classes to choose from and different times, so students can pop in and out of the recreational center. Once a person begins going to workout classes, it becomes a habit, so the classes gradually become full by the end of the semester.

The lockers are conveniently placed outside of the group fitness classes at the Kennesaw State University Recreational Center. Students can come straight from class and put their backpacks or change of clothes in these. I think these are placed in a great spot because they encourage students to come in between classes. Students can develop healthy habits through working out and learn to balance fitness and school.

This is the OwlFit Assessment office. Students can go to have their physical needs assessed and workout plans curated specifically for them. This is an incredible tool because it offers guidance for students who may not know how to work certain machines or are unsure of how to get started in developing working out habits. Students often get comfortable at the recreational center then begin attending group fitness classes. This door opens more opportunities than it closes.

The scale outside the group fitness classes is a great tool for students to use. It allows students to understand what their weight is before/after a group fitness class. The scale aids in students creating fitness goals. It also can create friendly competition.

A schedule of the group fitness classes is always helpful to have. This is useful for every student because if they are trying to do a solo workout and not succeeding then they can pop into a class and just get a great workout. This schedule also helps with students time management skills. Overall, the recreational center and group fitness classes help students more than they realize.

On the track, there is a giant sign that says “FOCUS”. This helps students remember why they started. The track is also a great place to complete a warm up. Students can either do cardio workouts or different squat/lunge routines around the loop. The track is great for setting goals and timing paces.

The tennis court view from the corner at the track is a great one. It inspires different types of workouts like basketball, tennis, volleyball and others. This encourages people to continue their healthy lifestyles no matter if they are singular or in a group. Equipment can be rented from the front desk at the recreational center.

The “Find Your Wings” campaign is displayed on the escalator doors at the Kennesaw State Recreational Center. It promotes confidence from attending Kennesaw State University and it is great because the sign is in the middle and can also promote students to attend the gym and group fitness classes on their own. This creates a sense of drive and determination in students that people may take for granted.

These are racquetball courts on the corner before the group fitness classes and across the hall from the weight-room. The racquetball courts are a great warm up for group fitness classes or for a workout on your own. Students can enjoy body workouts or fun times watching at these conveniently placed benches.

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