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Independent Travels for a Confident Woman

This story is a journey about the independence and confidence I have developed through traveling. My family helped develop my love for traveling from childhood. When life got busy and my desire for travel increased, I had to understand how different cities operated and how to get from point A to point B. I started to travel by myself or with friends, but I was designated as the leader. Through my travel journeys, I have developed an even deeper understanding of different cultures and countries.

My process was storyboarding all of my adventures together. I organized my images and videos together in one album and added some filters to a few videos and images. I used iMovie to include begin my project. First, I imported a bunch of the media I have together. Next, I recorded my voiceover for the movie then I pulled the videos and images to coordinate with the voice recording. I added a royalty free song I found on, and I lowered the volume so it would not distract from my speech. I went over my video multiple times, and I exported it.

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