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Independent Travels

When I was young my girl my parents wanted me to see the world with them because they knew the importance of being cultured. As the years went on we continue to go on family trips and little by little I would get more responsibility. every time with an airport or looking on a map road trip include navigating us to gates or being in charge of the map.

My parents also taught me how to navigate through the city of Atlanta and know it like the back of my hand

The happiness and sense of joy I felt from traveling and seeing new places created a desired for travel. I realized that I wanted to continue to travel but my parents schedules Might not line up with that and that was OK because I was taught everything I need to know to confidently travel. The confidence gained helps me trust my intuition every time I’m in a new place And adapt to that city.

Understanding the city I live in and knowing the side streets helped more than I realized while driving. since I was 16 years old I have helped out with my family and drive my brothers where they needed to go whenever my parents needed it. This created a sense of trust in my family and I taught my brothers everything I was taught when it came to travel to develop their sense of confidence.

I realize that being calm and traveling alone is an amazing feeling because I know how to adjust to a city. The constant car rides and flights my family and I went on allows me to be successful in whatever job i take or wherever I want to move in life.

It’s definitely scary to go out of the country without the security blanket of my parents and I was a little scared but I realized that I wasn’t going to grow as a person unless I did it.

I had the best time of my life and changed my whole perspective of everything and now I feel as if I can travel across the world anywhere by myself.

everything I learned from my parents and the independence and confidence they developed in me for traveling reassures me.

I know that wherever I go in life I will be independent and confident because I have gotten this far in life and I don’t have to worry about navigating through an airport or trying to figure out how through new cities those are just little bumps in the road so I can focus on the bigger things I need to in life. I’ve been able to chase my dreams and face Whatever life throws at me and I’m ok.

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